Admittedly, there are still limited musical performances that are proportionally designed to accomplish an entertaining yet artistically qualified program, while emphasizing educational values and youthful spirit.

Besides being the home orchestra of IOEF, TRUST has been committed to present high quality music performances that are suitable for audience from diverse social backgrounds and age groups. To share our love and joy of music, every year, TRUST’s concerts always provide special seats for children in need, orphanages, and communities alike.

This noble goal and mission would have never come true without sufficient support from our partners and corporate sponsors. We hope that you can be part of our history and together we can work on something meaningful; to provide a healthy and productive atmosphere for the youth to grow to their fullest extent.

What Do We Need?

  • Volunteers
  • Booth (especially Music Related, Education Related, Product for Young People, F&B)
  • Media partner
  • Sponsors & Donations
*please email for inquiries

Sponsorship, Support, & Donation

Do not hesitate to contact us for further discussion before taking part in our programs. We hope this sponsorship program fits your needs. We would gladly design a special program so that you can be part of our history.

If you would like to support or donate in any kind of form, please let us know. We appreciate your support and donation!