Trinity Youth Symphony Orchestra (TRUST) is a non-profit organization under the tutelage of Trinity Optima Production - one of Indonesia's leading recording labels, as part of their Corporate Social Responsibility Program, with Dr. Nathania Karina as their music director and resident conductor.

TRUST is adopted from a community orchestra located in North Jakarta – Andante Youth Community Orchestra - established in October 2008. The first auditions were held on February 2013, attracting over 50 applicants aged 10 to 25 throughout Jakarta and surrounding cities. Currently, TRUST has over 50 members consisting of Jakarta's finest young talents and holds at least three public concerts every year.

As a non-profit group, all funds are used to support activities including concerts, master classes, and participating in various festivals. With members ranging from 10 to 30 years old, TRUST’s membership is open for public; everyone is welcomed to join the family as long as they love and are committed to music and the group.

TRUST has been committed to create a positive and intensive environment for young musicians to learn and appreciate music, as well as giving a pathway to the music industry. With over 50 current members, TRUST practices intensively in a fun, yet competitive atmosphere. Every member is encouraged to enhance their individual skills to the fullest extent.

Since its inaugural performance in October 2013, TRUST has performed regularly at various venues and events including the prestigious International Java Jazz Festival and is widely renowned for its fresh and unique program. Unlike other orchestras that mainly play classical, TRUST’s repertoire varies from jazz, pop, rock, and folk songs. TRUST held original series of movie soundtrack concerts each year titled “The Legends”. The latest edition of this series, “The Legends 4: Superheroes” has captivated an audience of over 1000.

TRUST’s most recent projects include the Australian International Music Festival 2015 at the prestigious Sydney Opera House (Silver Medal), a special project of International Java Jazz Festival 2015 with Indonesia’s senior jazz musicians, home orchestra of the Festival Film Indonesia 2015, home orchestra of Indonesia Orchestra and Ensemble Festival 2016, and Europe On Screen event with the Netherlands Embassy, and “Orchestronic”- a celebration of electronic dance music, beatbox, and orchestra, which received positive reviews and has been replayed in various venues in Indonesia.

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