Opening Ceremony

Participating groups are invited to get to know each other, introducing this year festival faculty and enjoy a performance by the best group awardee of the previous year.

Gala Concert

A spectacular gala concert marks the end of IOEF. There will be a special collaboration between Trinity Youth Symphony Orchestra (TRUST Orchestra), Meet the Orchestra’s musicians, and some guest stars. The best group award for participating orchestra and ensemble group will also be announced at the Gala.

Workshop & Master Class

This public event will be conducted by professional lecturers and practitioners. Workshops and master class sessions are designed especially for participants to deepen their knowledge in music in general and the fundamentals of orchestra and ensemble. Participants will also learn about roles and techniques of particular instruments in an ensemble, creative compositions for orchestra and ensemble, and many more.


Regeneration is a very crucial thing in the world of education in any field. It is to my utmost pleasure for having been a part of the Festival Faculty of IOEF 2016, in that I was given room to share some things about Performance and Pedagogy to young musicians and parents. With the hope that this festival may be held on a regular basis so that young musicians will acknowledge that there is room to explore their musicality, while being tended by their Parents / Government / Private, Indonesia will eventually reap versatile young musicians who can compete in the international world.
Rama Widi
Harpist, IOEF Festival Faculty & Gala Concert Guest Star 2016
I love to support IOEF because it brings a wide spectrum of ensemble and orchestra experience to those who love music. It is exciting and full of knowledge. The speakers, educators and the musicians involved have their own strength that adds the variety of knowledge and performance we can all enjoy.
Crossover Violinist, IOEF Festival Faculty & Gala Concert Guest Star 2016

Orchestra & Ensemble Group Performances

This concert is purposefully designed as a platform for participating groups to share their music in front of public. Groups can opt to be adjudicated. Please read the details for further information.

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It was our honor to receive the Best Group Performance Award in IOEF 2017. It was a valuable experience for us to be part of the festival. It gave us the chance to share and interact with other music groups in Indonesia as well as having a better understanding of the current state of the local music. Our participation in this event not only further enhanced our confidence in performing, but also widened our spectrum of audience. Moreover, this event helps to bring us a sense of achievement while enjoying ourselves performing. We strongly believe that this event has a great impact on the growth of the local bands.
Orkes Tiup Jepang Jakarta - IOEF Best Group Performance 2017
It was a great experience for our students to perform among other orchestra participants chosen in IOEF 2016. It increased the confidence as well as the motivation of young musicians to perform in public expressing their skills and emotions through music.
BINUS Music Society
As young people in the music industry, we are thrilled IOEF was here. We usually only perform in one community and that was it, but now we have a broader field with an audience that has more variety. Really excited to be appreciated by multiple communities and other works of music, even more with the Best Performer award at IOEF 2016, where we got to show that traditional music can be just as good as Western instruments. We hope this event continues to be held annually and can keep reaching for broader ranges of creative works.
Kolintang St Yakobus Kelapa Gading
National Kolintang Champion & IOEF Best Group Performance 2016

Call for Scores

Not only musicians, local and international composers are also invited to submit their compositions. The selected composition will be performed by TRUST Orchestra at the Gala Concert. The winning composer will get the chance to work with the conductor and orchestra during the preparation process.

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I was very honored to be part of the IOEF 2016. It was amazing to see how everyone involved was truly inspired by the idea of creating a festival which may be accessible and enjoyable for everyone, regardless of their social background. I am firmly convinced that the festival will continue to grow, and shape the musical landscape of Jakarta and Indonesia significantly.
Lukas Hovelmann-Koper
Winner of Call for Scores IOEF 2016, Composer from Berlin, Germany

Meet the Orchestra

Meet the Orchestra is a special program which provides an opportunity for individual participants who wish to perform in an orchestra but never had the chance to join any group beforehand. This program will give participants first-hand experience of being involved in an orchestra, from preparation to performing, as well as learning the fundamentals of orchestra. Meet the Orchestra’s participants will collaborate with TRUST Orchestra at the Gala Concert.

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The Meet the Orchestra program was an awesome experience for me because I got to know people in TRUST, but also people from other orchestras. I made really good friends and that helped me feel comfortable playing on stage with them. It was such a good opportunity to get out of your comfort zone and meet awesome people!
Sharon Stephania
MTO 2016, TRUST Orchestra Batch 4
I was willing to come to Jakarta from Semarang, just because an event like IOEF is so rare. It was such an honor for me to play with one of the renown orchestras in Jakarta, also to share the stage with world-class musicians. I had many valuable experiences in playing music, and that music isn't just about technique, but also about discipline, cooperation, and effort.
Farda Najih
MTO 2016 from Semarang (Central Java)

Instrument & Exhibition Repair

This is a rare opportunity for participants to meet local and international luthiers, as well as other instruments specialists who are specially invited to open consultation sessions and repair instruments.